TEC Exclusive: Spellbound BTS

2022. Where does the time go?! Please enjoy this Spellbound BTS while we work on bringing you more live streams, The Vault, and all that remains to be seen.

Happy New Year, all. More to come.

Comments (6)

  1. ckhoury94


    a year ago

    See you guys in 4 months for for the next exclusive

    1. Tpc182


      a year ago


  2. vhayes182


    a year ago

    What we want is an apology or a refund. Absolutely no band involvement since October is ridiculous. No lifeforms instrumental album, no bts tour videos, no nothing. I was hoping that this place would blow up around the holiday season. 

    1. Madmod


      a year ago

      Absolutely agree. 

  3. Madmod


    a year ago

    also, please avoid doing the bare minimum. Like, 'we posted this one thing so technically we met our requirements from advertising" will be very obvious.  

  4. maddockaaron


    a year ago

    Thanks for sharing! Love this song